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Dr. Mary Shivley, Ed.D.

Transformationalist Leadership Consultant

There has never been a better time for businesses to invest in the development of their people.

In a world of hybrid work environments, it is more important than ever to reevaluate how to fully engage with coworkers, build effective work relationships, and create a culture of trust. Strategic Connections Consulting will help you elevate your organization by investing in the most valuable asset your company has— its people. Capitalizing on trust, communication, relationship building, and effective collaboration will help you lead your organization into a successful future. 


Many companies send employees to one-time conferences or training with the hope that the information will make a difference in their professional ability and with any luck might filter to other employees. If only it was that easy!  


Creating positive change in an organization requires a significant amount of time and energy that is continually devoted to creating a culture and language of leadership. That's where I can help. 

Business People Applauding



Robust, custom curriculum for your organization


For new or veteran executives and managers


Develop a workplace culture that you can be proud of

Strategic Connections Consulting offers a variety of professional developmental solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your organization:

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with Strategic Connections Consulting

you get an experience that goes beyond the current model of professional development. You will get a customized, broad-reaching curriculum designed specifically for your organization to create lasting change. The process begins with one-on-one executive consultation to determine your organization’s leadership development opportunities. These discovery sessions will inform the development of a customized leadership curriculum designed to take you beyond managing employees to leading a laser-focused and empowered team and organization. 

"I strongly recommend Dr. Mary Shivley and Strategic Connections Consulting for organizational training and leadership coaching. She is incredibly professional and gives a personal touch that is centered on the needs of our business and staff. Her thought-provoking lessons inspire us to work more collaboratively and to utilize the same language across the agency. Dr. Shivley is knowledgeable and has extensive leadership and teaching experience. She challenges, supports, and provides tools that help strengthen our personal and professional toolboxes. I could not recommend her highly enough!"

Amanda Cunningham, MS, LMLP

Chief Executive Officer

CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness

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