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Available Services

Build An Effective Team

Strategic Connections Consulting offers a variety of professional developmental solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your organization:

Organizational Leadership Development Curriculum

360 + 1 Degree Leadership Audits

Business Culture Renewal/Creation

Individual and Group Leadership Consultations



Strategic Leadership Development for New or Veteran

Executives & Managers

Transformational Leadership for Individuals

Leadership Development that benefits:

  • Individuals - executives and managers who want to gain insights about their strengths and identify ways to grow as a leader of a team. 

  • Employees who are technical experts who were promoted without leadership/management experience or development opportunities 

  • Leadership teams who seek to improve their capacity to think and act strategically, energize and motivate employees, collaborate as a team, and implement significant change in their organizations.

  • Managers or supervisors who want to increase their leadership skills and capacities 

Culture Development that's perfect for:

  • Executives who want to effectively create a lasting culture of leadership throughout their entire organization.

  • Executives/leaders who want to change or enhance their work culture

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