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ABOUT Dr. Mary Shivley, Ed.D
Transformationalist Leadership Consultant
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Mary earned a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Baker University, a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in Business from Emporia State University.

She has created and facilitated two academic leadership programs, a Minor in Leadership at Emporia State University and a Leadership Studies Minor at Baker University. She has served in a variety of roles throughout higher education for the last 20 years.

She has consulted with higher education, school systems, health care, corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. 

Strategic Connections

Dr. Mary Shivley has spent her career building relationships, helping others effectively collaborate, and bringing opposing sides of situations together to have real conversations. She guides organizations to make progress on their goals by focusing on the big picture and the strategic connections that can grow the culture of the organization. 

Effective Feedback

Providing coaching feedback in a positive, actionable way (even when the feedback is hard to hear) is one of Mary’s strengths. She is authentic and genuine when helping develop those she engages with. Staying laser-focused on the individual and their potential. Mary challenges others to grow as a leader in ways they didn’t think were possible. 

Different Perspective

Mary has an aptitude for shining a light on different perspectives that others may not be considering – keeping conversations and consulting sessions PRODUCTIVE. She is very good at tackling tough subjects and creating a plan of action to make progress. She has a unique ability to handle these topics in a way that others feel supported and energized to make a difference.

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